Friday, September 25, 2020

Ferrari 700 Series Crane - Premier High - Drop Side Dump Body

Premier Truck Center just delivered this truck mounted High Side Dump Body with a behind-the-cab Ferrari Crane. 

We build our own bodies at Premier Truck Center, specializing on customer requirements. We offer Ferrari and Venco Truck Mounted Cranes

Notice the four drop side sections. This allows the steel sides to be dropped individually. The center post is removable.  With the center post removed, the full length of the body is accessible. (See photo below)

Ferrari Cranes provide a flexible solution for the construction industry. With precision and easy to operate crane solutions F.lli Ferrari is the added value to deal with your workload. Ferrari cranes are a solution for many construction and public works operations.

The 700 series; articulated boom, the Red Power and a complete range of versions and accessories, this crane can be adapted to all kinds of applications. The short boom version (SC) for a higher lifting moment and a higher lifting point is also available.

Find more about Ferrari Crane 700 Series Crane Capacities here:

Ferrari Remote Control: Its Flexible, Lightweight, High Performing, Precision movements and easy to operate


Remote Control

The Radio Remote Control adds several safety advantages. The operator is not close to the truck while operating the crane, can move freely around the truck, following the load and viewing the working area unobstructed.


Venco Venturo Industries is a leading manufacturer of truck and van mounted telescopic service cranes, conversion/dump hoists and crane service bodies and is a trusted member of NTEA, NPGA, NAFA and the NCCCO. Find out how Venco Venturo can help you achieve results with your new service truck, company or fleet.

Learn more about Venturo Cranes here:

 TIPS: How to spec a Crane or Body Hoist for your truck:

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