Why Getting Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly Is Essential

The mechanical condition of a vehicle dictates its safety 
as well as its performance on the road. In order to guarantee
  • a smooth ride,
  • prolong the life of a car,
  • and increase its safety
The owner should always consider getting the vehicle serviced regularly. The main reason why this procedure is required is to ensure that any mechanical anomalies can be spotted and rectified before they can cause harm.
The routine maintenance is a small price to pay to guarantee one's safety on the roads. So what are the benefits of acquiring this service?
  • It reduces the repair costs - maintenance procedures are preventative in nature and this means that it is a good way of avoiding major repair bills as a result of oversight.
  • It reduces the chances of getting surprise breakdowns.
  • Regular car services will lower the possible risk of getting involved in an accident
  • Servicing involves various procedures that guarantee better fuel consumption. In essence it is cheaper to run a car that regularly goes for servicing
There are several kinds of servicing available and they include the following:
6 month or interim car service
This is a procedure that is intended for those individuals who cover a lot of mileage over short periods. This means that the car will require more regular checks to avoid unforeseen faults. Some of the work includes filter and oil changes as well as a comprehensive diagnostic check for all essential functions.
12 month or comprehensive car service
This is an all inclusive checkup that should be mandatory for all cars that are used on a regular basis. Most service providers do no less than 70 checks as well as some necessary adjustments. Replacement of worn out components is also done where necessary. The procedure includes Spark plug and air filter replacement among other processes.
Winter Inspection
Ensure that your car is ready to withstand winter conditions by getting a specialised check. Winter safety checks should be a mandatory practice for all car owners.
Car owners have a wide variety of options when it comes choosing a vehicle servicing company, whether you are driving a Land Rover or a Volswagen Polo. There are even new companies offering to service your car at your home or work place.
Of course, for those owners that are mechanically savvy, there is the option of servicing the car themselves. But you have to be qualified to do so and you must know exactly what you are doing.
Whether you use a professional's help or do it yourself, getting your car is very important.

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Moffett M55 piggyback forklift getting loaded on flatbed trailer. Trailer has Moffett kit installed

Premier Truck Bodies installs Moffett Piggyback kits on Flatbed Bodies and Trailers

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Warner Brush Trucks Available at Premier Truck Center

Warner's brush trucks reflect the quality and value for which the company has built its longstanding reputation. Each unit is constructed to match customer needs and specifications. Constructed of heavy-duty galvanneal steel or light-weight aluminum, the line is designed to exceed customer expectations. Contact one of Warner's associates today to help you design your department's next brush truck.


  • Customers can choose between swing doors and aluminum roll-up doors giving custom access to compartments
  • Sweep out compartments allow for easier cleaning and usage
  • Interior body packages designed to meet customer needs
  • Polished aluminum treadplate dressing along bottom, front bulkhead and rear bumper
  • Three styles of fuel fills and four styles of wheel wells add customization
  • A60 Galvanneal steel construction or aluminum construction provide superior rust resistance
  • Double panel door construction adds durability


Light Duty EV Pickups @ the Work Truck Show 2023

                                      Light Duty EV Pickups @ the Work Truck Show 2023


FINALLY! B&W Continuum Hitch Review// This is the EASIEST Hitch I Have Ever Used

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Big or Small – We Build Them All!  

Steel or Aluminum, Flatbeds, Dumps, Standard or Custom. If you have a need for a work truck body, we can build it for any* chassis, Pickup Bed Removal / Replacement, 1 Ton, Medium Duty and up to a Heavy-Duty Chassis.

Premier Truck Center works with customers to design and build bodies that will work for them. Many times it will be a standard body with a few options, Other times it might be a complete custom body for a specific application.

Often, we find that a contractor has ideas for a body that will make their job easier and more efficient. They may have been thinking about it for many years but have been unable to find exactly what they want.

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*Chassis must be qualified for the specific body being mounted.


Understanding the Most Hated part of your Truck | Banks Entry Level

Many diesel owners believe their vehicles would be better off without the Diesel Particulate filter but are they right? In order to meet new emissions standards, the DPF was introduced in 2007 as a way to lower the amount of soot and ash being exhausted from diesel vehicles. The engines were generating the same particulate output but now those emissions were being contained and neutralized instead of escaping into the atmosphere. Banks Special Projects Lead Erik Reider shows us how the DPF works by breaking down diesel combustion, diesel exhaust, and the process of regeneration (regen). Erik shows how to get the most out of your vehicle and DPF by using high-quality oil and tuning cleanly. A clean tune increases power without increasing emissions and therefore does not over-tax the emissions systems including the DPF. As manufacturers improve modern turbo diesels, the engines produce less in-cylinder emissions which means the after-treatment systems like the DPF, the DOC, and the SCR can be made less restrictive. Understanding how the DPF and regens work is a major part of tuning diesel engines safely and keeping the emissions system functioning properly. For a clean tune that doesn't harm your DPF check out Banks Derringer: https://bankspower.com/collections/ch... To monitor your DPF and see when you are in regen, check out the iDash: https://bankspower.com/products/banks...




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CTECH Manufacturing Company Overview

CTECH Manufacturing is a Wisconsin based Manufacturing company specializing in Aluminum Carts, Cabinets and Drawers. We have been in business for over 20 years. We started with deep roots in the race market and have serviced every major sanctioned race organization since that time. We bring that enthusiasm and quality to all of our product lines which ranges all markets from NASCAR race teams to Law Enforcement and University Facilities with our aluminum storage solutions.

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Maximum Maneuverability Landscape/Debris Body

Here's a great example of a 14' Landscape Dump Body, which can also be used as a Debris Body with 48" steel sides that are half solid and half steel mesh with swing-away rear barn-style doors, tarp, and receiver. The best part of this particular rig is the maneuverability of this truck. It is mounted on an Isuzu Tilt-Cab or often called a Low Cab Forward chassis that only has a 132" wheelbase. That is about the same as a pickup truck with an 8' bed. This truck will get in and out of places other units would struggle with and will run circles around other trucks with a 14' truck bed.

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We bring you the latest news from Ford in this thrilling video as they reveal their newest engine, which they believe will smash electric cars! Ford has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for nearly a century, and their latest engine technology continues to innovate and push the boundaries. The film shows the debut of Ford's newest engine, which promises unrivalled power and performance. The engine is being billed as a game changer that will outperform electric vehicles in every aspect imaginable. You'll get an in-depth look at the new engine, its important features, and how it compares against electric automobiles in terms of power, speed, and efficiency throughout the movie. Engineers from Ford will also discuss the science behind the new engine and why they believe it is better than electric vehicles.


Norstar SD Service Bed | Norstar Company

Our SD truck bed is our best selling model and in this video we show you exactly why. The Norstar SD Service bed is perfect for the tradesman. Our Service Bed offers multiple standard tool boxes and many options for your on the go needs. This bed comes with 2 vertical cabinets, 2 angled boxes, 2 top boxes, and 2 rear underbody boxes plus a bonus locking rear shovel compartment for tons of storage. Multiple option choices allow you to build this bed to your industry. All doors are gas shock equipped and locking paddle latches are standard as well as a serviceable, tamper-resistant integrated door hinge system – new for 2020. Our 2.5” receiver allows you to add a hitch for bumper pull cargo and a 2 5/16” gooseneck ball is standard in case you are hauling a heavyweight. Our receivers are lab tested and certified for 18,500 lbs bumper capacity and 30,000 lbs gooseneck capacity. Standard adjustable galvanized tool trays with available cabinet tool drawers can add the finishing touch if you have a lot of parts or tools for your work load. Dual LED rear work lights and cast aluminum light housings as well as tail gate are standard features on the SD. These beds are a perfect complement for any single or dual wheel work truck with smooth 12 gauge sides, 11 gauge bumper and gloss black powder coating. http://www.norstarcompany.com/index.cfm https://norstarparts.com/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/norstarcomp... Facebook https://m.facebook.com/norstarcompany/


SAFE STEPS Road Safety: Speed Limits

We all have a role in road safety! So follow these SAFE STEPS to play your part and help save lives. - Obey speed limits - - Slow down at high risk areas - - Keep a safe distance -


The First-Ever 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali

Meet the Denali of EVs. The 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali features the next gen power, tech and luxury that customers expect from GMC truck in an all electric package.