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                           Take a look at this truck built by Premier Truck Center

                              A Perfect truck for municipalities and contractors.

Dhollandia Model RPL Liftg22 galvanized liftgate with a 2200 pound capacity. 

Notice the barn swing doors allow for complete access to the rear of body

This truck has it all, you can load the 12 foot aluminum flatbed dump body using the liftgate and you can dump the load with the dump body hoist. Tools and supplies can be stored in the behind-the-cab Backpack storage box.

The aluminum 12  ft dump body outfits this truck needed for a multitude of daily tasks for municipalities and for contractors. The aluminum body allows for carrying more payload than a steel body. This body has ½ solid sides and ½ expanded metal sides. That is a personal choice by the customer, we can provide solid sides as well

The body was designed and manufactured by Premier and will withstand the loads and cycles required transferring materials for many, many requirements.

This side view shows the behind-the-cab Aluminum “Tread-Plated” Back-Pack Storage Box with top mounted Cone Holder tray. The body has a Manual Roll-Up Tarp accessed by a step with grab handle. Notice the short wheelbase, the excellent turn radius for this truck. Also note the bottom hinged drop-down door allowing side-loading of materials (light tree limbs, etc.) over the side.

The dump is operated with the Venco VC516ED double Acting Power Subframe Hoist.

All-In-All, this Chassis along with the all-aluminum body and storage on the work–end of the chassis makes for a very efficient work truck.

You know what works best for you, we always will try to build a work truck that will work the way it needs to for your business. We ask questions about what you are using now, how important certain features are, suggest solutions and spec a truck that will work for you. If it’s buildable, we will build it!

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